What Is A Posture Mattress?

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Shopping

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A posture mattress, commonly called a posturpedic or orthopedic mattress is one which is designed to help with skeletal issues and help people combat the effects of insomnia. Although a Sealy mattress in Lafayette might be called posturpedic the true purpose is not to improve posture, but is to align the spine while the person is resting or sleeping. This is not to say that sleeping on a posture mattress will not have a positive effect on one’s posture, what the user can look forward to is a reduction in aches and pains as well as stiffness in the morning. Most people that use a posturpedic mattress find that they do get a superior night’s sleep, the awake in the morning feeling far more refreshed.

There are numerous mattresses available that use one type of support or another as well as various base materials. With this being the case the potential mattress purchaser is well advised to shop at a specialty mattress retailer where they can try out the entire range of mattresses available. When you wish to test a Sealy mattress in Lafayette, sit on it and lie on it. Additionally, when testing a mattress be sure to position yourself into all the various sleep positions that you normally find yourself in. If you feel that your entire skeleton, especially your spine feels well supported then you and the mattress might just be a perfect match. Try various degrees of “hardness” but do not forget that a mattress that is as soft as a marshmallow can cause more pains that it will cure, the best mattress for the majority of people is one which is medium-firm.

Of course the mattress is very important but don’t forget the support on which it lies. A well made box spring is equally important as it supports the mattress. Old box springs usually are sagging, if you place a new mattress on top, chances are the mattress will sag as well. A poor box spring with a brand new mattress can add to the problems that the mattress is trying to overcome.

A Sealy mattress in Lafayette should last many years, a good way to extend the life even further is to flip it over a couple of times every year. When you flip the mattress you stop it from becoming excessively worn in one area. Mattress come with specific instructions for care, when you follow them you can be sure your mattress will give you good service for many years.

A Sealy mattress in Lafayette is designed to provide excellent support; it is the perfect choice for anyone, especially those that suffer lower back problems. For further information, you are invited to visit the closest Mattress Direct store.