Selecting Apparel That Includes Embroidery In Olathe

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Clothing

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When a restaurant wishes for its employees to look sharp while on the job, uniforms are often used to portray a business-like appearance. Selecting uniforms for each member who works in the establishment will help the group feel as if they are part of a business family while showing customers they are doing their best to offer service in a professional way.

It is best to think of the employee’s comfort when making a selection. Breathable cotton shirts work best for most positions as the employee can keep cool when on the move around the establishment. Dark pants usually look best as they are slimming and hide food stains well.

When picking out shirts, one great way to help promote the restaurant is by using Embroidery in Olathe to place an emblem, insignia, logo, or restaurant name right on the shirt. This will make each person on the wait staff noticeable as they walk around the establishment, helping customers know who to track down if they need help. The person’s name could also be embroidered on the shirts for a more personalized look if desired.

The people who work in the kitchen portion of the restaurant could have a slightly different appearance in their apparel if desired. Since they are working around ovens, a lighter material may work best. They can also have a lighter colored shirt as they will be working under lights much of the time they are on the job.

Some restaurants will offer t-shirts to their customers to help promote the establishment. They can have the same embroidered shirts made so that others can wear the same type of clothing if they desire. These can be put into display cases in the front foyer or near the cash register area. When a customer sees them, they may wish to purchase one when they pay the bill for their meal.

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