5 Ways to Get the Perfect Fit for Your Prom or Wedding Dress

If you want your wedding or prom gown to fit perfectly, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Here are some industry insider-inspired tips to ensure your Washington, DC special occasion dress fits you like a glove on your special day!

Take or Get Accurate Measurements

If you want your dress or formal attire to fit properly, you must start with accurate measurements. Do not lie about your or try to conceal your true measurements; it will only lead to an ill-fitting garment that will do you no favors.

Purchase Your Gown or Outfit a Size Larger

Unless your measurements yield a perfect fit with a standard, off-the-rack size, you are better off buying your gown a size or even two sizes larger. Why? Because this allows for better alterations and the most accurate finished fit.

Remember, it is easier to subtract fabric from a dress than to add it, so always order up a size if you can!

Consider Your Shoes

What shoes you plan to wear with your dress will impact the fit – specifically, the length. Be sure to bring your shoes with you when you get your alterations done or when you measure yourself for alterations.

Think About Your Angles

How will you most likely be seen or photographed in your dress? That angle is the one you should keep in mind when having your dress altered.

However, it is also important to remember that if you will be seen from every angle, you probably do not want to look great in the front but terrible in the back. Ensure that your fit is consistent and gorgeous all the way around.

Know What You Will Be Doing in Your Dress

Will you be dancing in your dress? Moving around in a crowd? Sitting or standing for long periods? Be sure that the altered fit of your dress is perfectly suited to what you plan to do in your dress for the best possible experience from start to finish Elim Boutique and Rosslyn Tailoring.