Stylish Work Uniforms Can Be Created With Embroidery in Kansas City

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Clothing

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Embroidery is one of the classic ways to create stylish uniforms that can help to brand a company and unify the employees. Unfortunately, most people do not have the time to sit and hand embroider all of the designs and names that must be done on each uniform. With a professional embroidery apparel company, company owners can easily have their employee uniforms made and remain in charge of every design detail so they can be sure their uniforms will look crisp and professional with Embroidery in Kansas City.

Embroidery Adds a Classic Touch to Uniforms

Although an employer could simply require their employees to wear a nametag and a certain color, this does not offer the crisp, clean look a full uniform can. When all of the employees in business are wearing the same type of uniform, customers will not get confused on who to ask for, for help.

Embroidery designs can be placed on a variety of uniform pieces, from polos to T-shirts. Company logos can also be embroidered on the following:

  *     Dress shirts

  *     Professional uniform scrubs

  *     Hats

  *     Bags

  *     Sweaters

  *     Jackets

  *     Aprons

With Embroidery in Kansas City, in-house digitizing makes the customer’s logo come out perfectly. Everything is done online, and the customer remains in control of their design options the entire time. Unlike some companies, there are low minimums for purchase and customers can order large orders, if they have a large staff they need to outfit.

Embroidery designs are ideal for any type of business that wants to add a touch of class to their uniforms. Having an employee’s name, along with the company logo, embroidered on the uniform looks so much more tasteful than a plastic name tag with sticker letters.

These embroidery designs can also be incorporated into special events that occur in the course of business. Some company owners even use these garments as promotional gifts for their loyal customers.

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