Imagine Your Design as a Custom Screen Print in Kansas City

Screen printing T-Shirts and other apparel items is a great way to provide custom clothing for your organization or event. A screen print is created by transferring ink onto a cloth surface via a custom mesh screen stencil. Artisans create an inverse image of your design using an impermeable substance on a mesh screen, then transfer it via a squeegee or blade to each T-Shirt. This process is then repeated using up to twelve colors, adding one color at a time via individually stenciled screens to provide a polychromatic end product that really pops.

The process has been around for centuries. Artists in Japan refined the process beginning around the 10th century, and Europeans caught on in the late 1700’s. In the early 1900’s, screen printed products were considered a luxury only for the rich. But in today’s day and age, everyone can enjoy seeing his or her custom designs accurately reproduced. The extensive history has given the art plenty of time to mature, and recent technological innovations have improved the consistency and affordability of the craft.

Because the stencils are reusable, ordering professionally screen printed clothing assures a consistent design at a reasonable cost. This process can be done via manual or automatic press, allowing for quick results and the ability to reproduce larger images accurately and reliably. Manual presses can handle smaller jobs requiring less detail and less set-up, but an automatic press is extremely useful in completing high volume or large scale orders.

Ordering a Screen Print in Kansas City can help you advertise your business or band, and custom shirts make a great keepsake gift for personal events. Many clients choose to use T-Shirts for their fundraising activities or to designate volunteers in non-profit organizations, but really the options are unlimited. If you have a design, whether simple or complex, modern equipment allows skilled technicians to transfer that design to fabric with high-quality results.

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