Getting The Best Value In Diamond Stud Earrings

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Jewelry

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Stud earrings, or the single stone with a minimally visible setting and a post back, are very popular options in diamond earrings for both men and women. These earrings add natural dazzle and brilliance that draws the eye and creates a classic look.

A good pair of diamond stud earrings can be worn day or night, and they will coordinate with anything else you may choose to wear. They will also match with other earrings, necklaces or bracelets you may have on, making them a very versatile jewelry item.

When buying these types of earrings there are some important factors to consider, not only will these help to get the best value for your budget, but they will also ensure that the studs you buy will look terrific once you get them on.

Color is Important

The color in diamond stud earrings is really the lack of color in the diamond. The closer to completely colorless the diamond is the more expensive it will be but the better it will look under all lights given the cut quality is also there.

The D to F designated diamonds are colorless, but they are also very costly as they are much less common. While you can opt for these, and they are a great investment, you will be able to get a larger diamond that looks just as stunning if you choose diamonds in the G to H range.

Cut is Critical

The cut is not the shape of the diamond, although some people mistakenly interchange the two terms. The cut is geometric lines that the jeweler used to create the diamond. The cut creates facets in the gem that reflect the light internally, giving a diamond its fire or brilliance.

A well-cut diamond will seem to reflect even a small amount of light in flashes of color and brilliance within the gemstone. If this is not present, there is a problem with the cut, or there are significant flaws in the diamond itself.

Buying from a reputable jeweler online will provide you with the best prices, and typically the best selection of diamonds in your budget area. If you have to choose a larger carat or a higher quality diamond for diamond stud earrings, always choose the higher quality for a more natural, reflective and brilliant look that will dazzle and shine.