Coffee Roast Differences

There are many varieties of coffee roasts that are consumed. From light to dark, they all have their distinct flavors and unique aromas. The tastes in each roast are separate and distinct as is the look of each roast. Once roasted, it is best to consume the beans quickly before the freshness is gone. Here is a simple overview of the roasts that coffee has to offer.

Light Roast

Light roasts are light brown in color. They tend to be milder in taste. At times, light roasts can appear to taste more bitter as they have a higher acidity than the other roasts. Many people believe that the darker the roast, the more caffeine. This is actually false, as light roasts have a somewhat higher caffeine yield than its darker counterparts.

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Medium Roast

Medium roasts are the most popular American choice when it comes to coffee. The roast has a fuller bodied taste than the lighter roasts and is smooth and clear. This roast does not usually have any bitter aftertastes as light roasts and darker roasts sometimes can have.

Medium Dark Roast

A medium dark roast is slightly darker than a medium roast. It also carries a mildly bitter aftertaste. A full roast, the beans are oilier on the exterior. This type of roast is most often used in American type or light espressos.

Dark Roast

A dark roast has a strong and tart taste. The bittersweet roast comes from burned or charred beans with an oily base. It is not as full bodied as a medium roast and flavor can appear to taste slight as the charred flavor dominates. Italian and dark French coffees fall into this category.

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