Preparing For Baby With A Nursery Bedding Set in Green Bay, WI

Having a baby is a special time, and preparations need to be made. In fact, preparing the nursery is one of the top priorities. Many new mothers look forward to shopping for the perfect crib. However, it is important that the crib is safe as well as attractive. Experts insist the crib’s slats be less than 2 3/8 inches apart. This spacing prevents the tiny newborn from slipping through the slats. Anyone considering a used crib should be careful. Check for crib recalls and make sure all the nuts and bolts are secure. In addition, federal rules no longer allow cribs with drop-down sides.

Cribs come with a mattress which should fit tightly. The distance between the mattress and crib side should be less than an inch. Think simple when shopping for a Nursery Bedding Set in Green Bay WI. The bedding should be relatively simple and not too fluffy. Sheets should be tight and fitted. Likewise, blankets should not be too thick. Indeed, the best way to make the bed starts with a mattress pad. Cover the pad with a sheet, a pad and a second sheet on top. If the baby wets the crib, take off the top sheet, and the crib is dry underneath.

In addition to a nursery bedding set in Green Bay, WI, the room needs a changing table. The changing table should be durable with a rail built around all the sides. In addition, the table should be attached to the wall. For safety reasons, it is best that the table not have wheels. Finally, the best changing tables have space underneath for diapers and other needed supplies.

Be advised that a nursery is incomplete without a baby monitor. The parents need to hear the little one at all times. Moreover, video monitors are available so the baby can be seen and heard. Lastly, a diaper pail and wipe warmer are necessities. Baby will be so happy that the wipes are warm. Likewise, you will be happy there is a place for soiled diapers. Questions about shopping for baby? Visit a nursery shop website and click where it says contact us.