Why Buying the Cheapest Jewelry is a Bad Idea

by | May 17, 2017 | Jewelry

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There’s nothing wrong with paying less for jewelry like diamond crosses and engagement rings. In fact, some jewelers have better prices than others. However, if you opt for the cheapest jewelry you can find, you may live to regret this decision. Here are several reasons to spend a little more money and choose quality over cheaply made jewelry.


If you buy cheaply made jewelry, you have no idea what you get. For example, when you shop diamond crosses, the cheapest ones may only have a thin coating of gold over the cross. If you wear your jewelry often, perspiration may wear away the coating, revealing the other metal. This other metal could contain irritants and carcinogens. In fact, you might have more problems than just skin rashes or itching. You could get sick and not even know the source of the illness.


Jewelry made from 10K, 14K, or 18K gold keeps its color as long as you own it. However, cheaply made jewelry may only look like 14K gold, and while it’s new, it has luster and beauty. Yet, it won’t take long for it to change colors and some items may actually turn a green color. This can happen with alloys containing copper and other metals. Jewelry takes on a greenish tint because the metal is oxidizing or corroding. Before long, it will break and lose all its beauty.


When you buy quality jewelry from a trusted source, you have protection. For example, many items have at least a one-year warranty, and the best jewelers are proud of their jewelry. You can depend on your diamond crosses and rings to last for many years with no problems. It costs a little more for quality manufactured jewelry, but when you add up all the benefits, it’s a better investment than cheaply made items.