What to Do With a Small Treasure Trove of Jewelry From Your Attic in IL

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Jewelry

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So, you have been picking and choosing from a wide variety of belongings to clear up space in your home. You are now in the attic and have found a small treasure trove of antique jewelry. But, wait. Should you sell these potentially valuable items at your yard sale?

Where to Sell

Maybe you are wondering where you can sell jewelry in Chicago that will offer the best price for your pieces, but are unsure who you should turn to or trust. There is no doubt that selling valuable jewelry will have its risks. For this reason, it is highly recommended to first have your jewelry appraised by professionals who comply with all national, state, and local regulations.

Avoid These Types of Appraisals

You may have heard about online appraisal companies that require you to pack and ship your jewelry to utilize their services. Avoid them. Why? You will feel stressed and anxious when using these types of services. There can also be additional costs involved like insuring the jewelry and others. For these reasons, you may want to consider a person-to-person service provider when having your jewelry appraised before you sell the jewelry in Chicago.

The Best Solution

Now that you have decided that visiting an establishment is the best route to take, you may also be thinking about how to get the best price when you sell unwanted gold Chicago. Here is a tip. You should visit Chicago Gold Gallery. They offer top-dollar for gold, platinum, diamond, silver, and other precious jewelry. You can trust them for transparency, honesty, and integrity. So, when searching for the answer to your question about how to get the best price when you sell unwanted gold, Chicago Gold Gallery is the one to turn to that will understand your needs.