Fashion Guide: Styling Tips for the Festive Season

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Exhibition Planner

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Once you are done with the mandatory festive time home cleaning and revamp rituals, it is time to pay attention to yourself. If the outfit is purchased and ready, all you need is some styling tips to add that oomph. Take inspiration from these ideas to lend some extra sparkle to your Diwali look this season.

  1. Repurpose & Restyle: Couldn’t make it to a Diwali Exhibition in India? Don’t sweat; you have a Diwali OOTD sitting right in your wardrobe!

Unleash your creativity by sporting your old black crop top as a blouse underneath your saree. Or use a simple white shirt to give your heavy lehenga a contemporary twist.

Just don anything with confidence and we promise, it will look stunning!

  1. The Drape Game: Already bought a Saree to wear this Diwali? Take festive styling to a whole new level by experimenting with saree drapes. You can either go for a classic pallu style like Bengalis or add a fusion touch with a belt on your saree. Remember, the festivities demand novelty!

Don’t know how to drape? Pick a pre-stitched stunner from any Diwali Exhibition in India!

3. Accessories Are A Vibe: The right accessory has the power to bring even the most basic outfits to life. So, even if you are not a fan of blingy festive outfits, your accessories can fill in.

Case in point- an elaborate choker, a fashionable belt, and a shimmery clutch worn with a co-ord set are perfect to announce the festivities. Find all this and more at Marriage Mantra’s highly awaited Diwali Exhibition in India!

4. Cape It Up: What if you could be fashionable yet comfortable in the nippy air that accompanies our festivals? Shrugs and capes are the way to go. They can be worn over any attire, ranging from sarees to dresses, and make a bold fashion statement too.

Pick colours that contrast your outfit for some drama or a similar colour for an elegant look.

Can’t wait to leave a festive flair this Diwali? Shop for the most exquisite clothes, accessories, home décor, gifting options and more at Pink Almari – the most awaited Diwali Exhibition in India.