A Bunk Bed in Green Bay, WI Saves Space and Looks Great Too

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Shopping

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There are plenty of homes that have small bedrooms. For people with multiple children, for those that want to accommodate sleep overs or guests from time to time or for spaces that can’t accommodate both a bed, desk and a dresser, this can create a challenge. Fortunately, there is a way to work with a small space without forcing someone to sleep on the couch, and that is with a bunk bed in Green Bay WI.

While bunk beds were once very utilitarian, there are many fashionable options today. In addition, they are available in different configurations and sizes, which means that they will work well with a small child’s space or in the space of a mature teen. Here are some things that bunk beds offer.

Different Configurations

There are still plenty of standard configurations for a bunk bed in Green Bay WI. Stacked beds are great for a space that can only hold twin beds with no frills. There’s nothing wrong with this, but even stacked bunks can be beautiful. Some come with a stairway instead of a ladder. Others are made from beautiful wood or include details that make it an heirloom piece.

Some bunk beds are available with a twin on top and a full bed on the bottom. They can be stacked or the bottom bed can jut out into the room, creating two clearly defined areas. This is a great option for a smaller child and a teen.

For very limited space, there’s a loft bed with a desk and dresser configuration. These can be in metal, wood or even plastic. They save space but still provide a room with everything it needs to be usable.

Different Looks

Like with most decor, bunk beds can come in many different looks and styles. They can be designed to be appealing to a toddler, there are princess beds, tent beds and more. In addition, they can look very adult, using solid stained wood or painted wood to create the perfect look for a teen or a young adult.

Whether you need a bunk bed to help with space constraints or kids have to share a room because there aren’t enough rooms in a house, The Lullabye Shop has a solution. Check them out today to see the different options available for your toddlers to your teens.