Make It Your Own: Customizing Your Machine

Part of the joy of owning a Harley is having a big and enthusiastic club of owners to talk shop with. Forums are one of the best resources for those who want to customize their bike beyond the normal aftermarket parts. However, sometimes you want something a little beyond the normal aftermarket parts. This is when you need to turn to a custom parts maker to realize your dream ride. Harley Davidson custom parts are not cheap, but the flash your get for the cash is worth it!

Buyer Beware

One of the issues facing the Harley community is the issue of counterfeit merchandise from belt buckles to engines and frames. There are good parts out there, but sticking a Harley-Davison logo on a crappy engine misleads a lot of people into making a bad buying decision. Worse, there are people who will buy a cheaper part that they know is counterfeit just to save a few bucks and there are stores who will sell counterfeit parts as authentic to make a few extra dollars on the sale. Let’s make it clear – counterfeit parts are not as well made, and may not be safe to use on your ride. When you buy a counterfeit part to use on your bike, you might be putting your life and other’s lives on the lane. Not cool.

Pick Your Part Safely

Use a dealer in aftermarket parts who has been in the community a long time. They should have a good reputation as a legit dealer of quality parts and custom parts. Check for a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and look for online reviews. When you find a dealer that you can trust, you’re going to find out what it’s like to build a unique custom ride!