Finding the right Dojang and Buying Your Taekwondo Gear

Choosing a martial arts discipline can be difficult because there are so many options. Taekwondo has been increasing in popularity lately due to its availability in many states and its simplicity. Its also an excellent way to exercise, making it appealing to athletic people who want more mental stimulation from their workout routines. If you decide that you’re ready to start learning taekwondo, there are two things that should top your to-do list: finding the right dojang and getting the right taekwondo gear.

The Training Hall

Taekwondo is really popular right now, meaning that there are more training options for this discipline than for others. When you’re looking for a dojang, try to find an establishment that’s within your budget. Starting a new hobby or sport comes with certain up-front expenses. But you don’t want to join a dojang that’s going to slowly increase membership prices.

Feel free to ask the instructor as many questions as you want. An instructor who is patient enough to answer the questions that you have about the facilities and classes will be patient when you’re learning new maneuvers.

Most importantly, check the online reviews for every dojang that you consider. You might be able to get references from friends who attend a certain dojang, but online reviews will give you a good idea of what type of people are participating in the dojang that you’ve chosen.

Taekwondo Gear

Just like any other sport or martial arts discipline, one of the major start-up costs for your new activity is the gear that you’ll need. The main piece of taekwondo gear that you’ll need is your dobok, which is uniform that students usually wear. Normally, your dobok will be white. Black doboks are reserved for instructors and teams. Doboks are not typically very expensive, and most of them include your first belt that you can wear during class. The next piece of gear that you might want to invest in is your taekwondo shoes. Unlike some other disciplines, martial art shoes are common in taekwondo because the sport emphasizes foot-work and kicks.