Wearing An Elegant Embroidered Chanderi Kurta

by | Dec 30, 2021 | shoppingtipsonline

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There are few fabrics that are as elegant, flowing, and shimmery as Chanderi. An embroidered Chanderi kurta is the perfect choice for many women to wear at festivals, weddings, and other special events throughout the year.

Embroidery Options

A striking combination is using embroidery colors that pick up the shimmer of the fabric. Adding white and complementary colors to the embroidered patterns at the neck, down the front, or across the bodice of the kurta provides additional detailing.

The beautiful shimmer of the Chanderi fabric makes these kurtas stand out at any event. It is a soft fabric that gently forms to the body, creating a feminine silhouette. Most of these kurtas have subtle embroidery and design details that are minimal and subtle, adding to the beauty of the kurta rather than taking center stage.

Choosing Leggings and Trousers

It is very common to wear an embroidered Chanderi kurta with leggings that are fitted to the leg and ankle. This is a very streamlined look and allows you to choose from sandals or heels to create the look you want.

Narrow fitted trousers or pants that are just above the ankle are also a popular choice with an embroidered Chanderi kurta. They may include the same design accents as found on the kurta, or they can be very simple and straight. These pants are sometimes called cigarette pants due to their straight leg style and shape. High heels or sandals are a good match for these pants as well.