Styles And Options For A Zari Embroidered Kurta

by | Oct 20, 2021 | shoppingtipsonline

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Zari embroidery is a very ancient tradition that includes the embroidering of simple to very detailed patterns on garments. This embroidery is done with very fine metallic threads that add a shimmer and rich look to the kurta, dress, or dupatta.

A Zari embroidered kurta can be more subtle and understated, which is an ideal option for more casual and less formal events. The beautiful detail of these kurti also makes them a wonderful choice for festival wear, special events, and everyday wear.

Traditional Styles

A traditional style in a Zari embroidered kurta includes subtle embroidery around the cuffs and on the detail in the design of the kurta. The kurta may be knee length or slightly longer, with three-quarter length sleeves for a sophisticated and comfortable style.

Traditionally, these types of Zari embroidered kurta can be paired with traditional options such as salwar pants, which are wide and comfortable at the waist and taper down to fit snuggly around the ankles. The other traditional choice is the churidar pant, which fits snuggly from top to bottom.

Colors in the kurta can range from black to red and maroon and navy. These are very versatile kurti and can be worn with a dupatta to add color and pattern to the outfit. With the vibrant colors and elaborate Zari embroidery on the dupatta, women can create the ideal look to move from day or business wear into wearing out for an evening or a special event.