Types of Disposable Protective Clothing

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Clothing

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If you work in an industry where you might get dirty or come in contact with dangerous chemicals, it is usually a good idea to wear some protective clothing. Here are some of the most common on the market:


Coveralls are very versatile garments that give you full coverage all over your body. This is a great option for most working conditions, and in most cases, you can wear them right over your regular clothes. Coveralls come with and without cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and these cuffs will help to seal in long sleeves or keep out chemicals or vapors from getting into the suit. Disposable coveralls are lightweight, too, which gives more comfort.

Aprons and Lab Coats

You will also find lab coats and aprons in the form of disposable clothing. These are mostly worn over your regular clothing, and they protect you from burns or stains that are caused by liquid exposure. These aprons and lab coats can be used again and again, though you can also throw it away after each use. They are convenient and perfect for protection.

Sleeves and Hoods

Sometimes, you need to protect specific parts of the body, such as your shoulders, arms, head or hair. In this case, you can wear hoods and sleeves to keep liquid and other chemicals from getting on the skin. You can often wear these under other protective gear, such as hard hats, and the sleeves can fit right over your clothing. The sleeves also usually have elastic on the end to ensure a comfortable and safe fit.

Shoe Covers

Finally, you might consider shoe covers. These will help to protect your shoes or boots from splashing or from liquid that can burn or stain. They usually fit right over your shoes, are lightweight and resistant to tears.

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