How to Choose the Best Large Terracotta Planters

Having house plants around your home is a great way of not only making it more appealing, but adding a bit of the great outdoors inside with your family. The key to having these plants around your home is choosing a great home for them. When deciding to add a houseplant, choosing the right pot is essential. In this blog, we will discuss how to choose the best large terracotta planters to provide your home with the best looking plants in the neighborhood. You and your family will be thrilled with these additions once the right one is in place.

The Right Color

One of the advantages to using large terracotta planters is the ability to change their appearance. If you have a particular color scheme for a room in your house where you would like to add a large planter, these types of clay pots can easily be painted. By choosing the right shade, you can easily provide your house plants with the perfect pot that matches your entire decorating scheme. This will not only keep up appearances, but will breathe a bit of fresh air into any room.

Think of Your Plant

One of the most important aspects to adding large terracotta planters into your home is doing what is best for your plant. To thrive, plants need adequate water, proper drainage, a stable environment and room to grow. Terracotta planters have the ability to offer all these benefits and more to any type of houseplant you may choose to add to your home. Choosing the proper size and ensuring your new house guest has a great place to stay will allow it to thrive and make your space more welcoming.

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