Do’s and Don’ts of Wake Surfing

by | Dec 30, 2016 | shoppingtipsonline

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If you’re trying out wake surfing for the first time ever, here’s a look at crucial Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: Know which boats you can use

Don’t try to give this a go without knowing the basics. And that includes knowing which boats you can use.

Don’t: Not matching your weight with the board

Pick a board that matches your weight. The heavier you are, the bigger your board should be.

Do: Use extras

As per, ballast bags can prove helpful in improving your wake surfing experience.

Don’t: Forgetting about the bags

You’ll need to factor in the weight of your ballast bags too when you shop around for a board.

Do: Shop around

If you’re looking for a good deal on great quality wake surfing boards, it always pays to shop around first before you whip out the plastic. Check out every brand or label first.

Don’t: Buying without trying it on

Never buy a board in a size you haven’t tried out before. Check out the rental shop first. Once you’ve gotten the hang of a board, that’s the only time you should consider buying one.

Do: Practice a lot

You’ll have a much better understanding of your skills in the water the more you practice. From knowing which side you have to be to catch the waves, to using your dominant foot to brace yourself on the board. You’ll also learn tips and tricks in no time.

Don’t: Going for bigger waves in open water

If you’re hanging around in boating or shipping lanes, hoping you’ll get to catch bigger waves, you might be putting yourself and other people at risk. Best to stay away from these areas instead.

Do: Stay safe

Make sure you follow all the safety precautions. Don’t ever try to skip any of those measures. They could make a difference in keeping you safe in case an accident happens.

Don’t: Surfing alone

Always have a buddy with you. That way, you have someone to look out for you in the water.