Benefits of LED Wall Sconces

by | Mar 22, 2017 | shoppingtipsonline

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Wall lights are perfect for accenting, highlighting, and improving the light in a room. They come in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose standard or LED wall sconces. LED offers many benefits and here are some reasons to opt for modern wall lighting.

Up and Down Light

Most wall lights direct light up or down. They can’t do both. However, modern LED wall lighting can direct light both down and up. This gives more light to the room.

For versatility, choose LED wall lights which can shed light either up or down. This is the perfect choice if you plan to redecorate the room in the future. Today, your fixture can add more light to the room. Tomorrow it can accent your favorite painting or sculpture.

Efficient Hallway or Entryway Light

Is your entryway or hallway too dark? Maybe you don’t want lights in the ceiling. LED wall sconces are the perfect room addition. You can add as many as you like and when you choose low profile fixtures, they don’t take up much space. You’ll enjoy energy efficiency because some units only use 8 watts of power.

Maintaining Your Lights

When you buy standard light fixtures, you have to change the bulbs often. This is troublesome and expensive over time. Quality LED wall sconces come with a five-year guarantee, so that you won’t change any bulbs for a long time.


If you have several standard wall fixtures in a room, it adds to the heat. This makes it harder on your air conditioning system and can affect the comfort level of your room. LED offers cool light, and this keeps the room comfortable and won’t increase the load on your home cooling system.


LED light is an environmentally friendly choice because the bulbs don’t use mercury. Talk to your LED lighting supplier today about your wall lighting options.