Authenticating Your Edmonton Oilers Memorabilia for Future Auction

As you look through your attic, you realize that your father was the ultimate collector of Edmonton Oilers hockey memorabilia. From a jersey signed by Wayne Gretzky during 1984 Stanley Cup to gloves signed by Mark Messier during the last successful title run in 1990, the collection is extensive.

Unfortunately, you are not a hockey fan and want to see how much you can get for the items on eBay. You ask a friend for advice on how to proceed. He mentions something about if the items are authenticated. If so, you can receive a higher price for an item.

What Is Memorabilia Authentication?

In order to prove that a signed sports item is legit, an expert must authenticate the signature. If the signature is genuine, you will be issued a certificate of authenticity (COA). And an authentication sticker is attached to the item.

How Can an Item Be Authenticated?

Listed below are two ways to authenticate a signed item. You should conduct research and decide which course of action best serves your needs.

The first way to authenticate a signature is to find out which company provided it. Because fake items plague the industry, athletes sign with companies that provide authentication services. These companies normally witness the athlete signing the item. Then they issue a COA, place an authentication sticker on the item and record the signing in to the company’s register.

Another way to authenticate the Edmonton Oilers hockey memorabilia is by sending the items to a professional sports authenticating company. These companies job is to verify that the signature you have is the real thing and to provide the necessary authentication paperwork. There is a fee for their services. The authentication process is:

  • You send your item to the company after some preliminary discussion.
  • The company analyzes the item. They use their proprietary process to determine if the item is legit.
  • The company informs you if the item is genuine. If it is, they issue a COA and emboss the item with an authentication sticker.

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