A Touch of Tradition For the Modern Home: Decorative and Comfortable Rockers in Lehigh Valley, PA

Rocking chairs were designed as useful tools for calming babies or soothing the physically or mentally ill. They were a common fixture in many nursing facilities, hospitals, and mental institutions. Double rockers were used in medical settings so nurses could rock with patients in need of comforting. Over time, they have come to signify many things. People still use rockers to soothe fussy babies, they are seen on porches and are a great place for grandmas to sit while they knit. Despite these many domestic and old-fashioned images, rocking chairs are used and enjoyed by people of all ages, and they are perfectly in place in any comfortable home.

Rockers in Lehigh Valley PA are available as traditional rocking chairs and as gliders. What to choose will depend on how, and where, the chair is used. A solid wood rocking chair on a porch is a very homey and traditional American decor choice that never goes out of style. Exterior porches require chairs that are made from durable, water-resistant woods like teak to prevent them from damage from the elements.

Many gliders are made with a solid wood frame and upholstered seat and back rest. This softens the look of the chair and makes it a more comfortable seat for watching TV or relaxing. The many fabric patterns available make it easy to find a suitable design for a family room or nursery. Gliders are smoother and quieter when in use, but many babies seem to prefer the motion of a rocking chair. A glider is often more stable when used on hardwood floors or other smooth surfaces where rocking chairs are likely to slide around during use.

Rockers in Lehigh Valley PA come in enough sizes, weights, and designs to make them beautiful additions to nearly any home. They are available with a variety of arm rest and seat widths, so there are models that are comfortable for everyone. Their classic look ensures they are an investment that will not go out of style. Visit Martin’s Furniture to see the selection available and to choose the perfect rocker for nursing, relaxing or display.