Why Mobile Pedicabs Mark the Newest Trend in Urban Advertising

The pedicab is a hallmark of many cities around the world. This form of transportation is clean, green, and affordable. This makes it suitable for all kinds of people from all walks of life. Their popularity has also made them a wonderful place to put advertisements for local businesses. If you have been searching for a better way to get your brand in front of thousands of consumers on a daily basis, perhaps the mobile pedicab is the right solution for your business.

Highly Customizable Features Make for the Perfect Pedicab

One of the primary reasons why businesses are now resorting to creating their own pedicabs is due to their customizability. When you buy a private pedicab, you aren’t just getting a three-wheeled bike, you are getting a mobile advertising unit. Modern pedicabs come with sophisticated signage that is perfectly placed to get your brand in front of consumers. You can even add special options like a built-in keg to further enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of your pedicab.

Custom Graphics On Mobile Bars Make Great Advertisements

A beer bike is actually one of the more recent advancements in the pedicab industry. While there have always been convenient coolers added to pedicabs in a variety of ways to create mobile ice cream delivery trucks, pedicabs are now being used as full-service bars. This provides modern brands with the opportunity to not only spread the word about their product offerings, but they can even make some change on the side while doing it too.

Just take your mobile beer bike to a crowded local area and you will likely garner greater interest in your brand practically immediately. Whether you are planning on dispersing free drinks at an important event, or just looking for a great way to generate some extra revenue for a local coffee house, a mobile pedicab represents a great marketing opportunity for your business. To start building your own custom pedicab, visit the webiste.