What Is A Womens Kilt Skirt?

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Clothing Store

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When it comes to kilts, there are a number of different choices for women. The most common style of a kilted skirt closes to the left and a kilt pin is worn on this side. However, there are still many decisions to be made to choosing the ideal womens kilt skirt.

Women’s Kilt Styles

Whether you are looking for a formal kilt for a wedding or important ceremony or a casual kilt for everyday wear, you need to know as much as possible about choosing a womens kilt skirt. Knee-length and tea-length, which is halfway between the knee and the ankle, are great to wear for any occasion.

The hostess kilt skirt is a long skirt that reaches almost to the floor. This is a formal kilt that should be reserved for special occasions and formal functions.

Like a men’s kilt, the tartan fabric is also used for the womens kilt skirt. However, the tartan fabric that is used for the kilt skirt is typically somewhat lighter in weight than that used for a men’s kilt. The kilt skirt is usually made out of medium-weight tartan, but lightweight is also used quite often as well. Lightweight tartan falls beautifully for certain outfits like an Arisaid, which is the female equivalent of the Great Kilt.

Measuring for a Womens Kilt Skirt

In order for a womens kilt skirt to be properly measured, you should start by wearing a dress blouse. This will account for any bulk from the blouse. Make sure that you do not pull the measuring tape too tight or allow it to sag.

First, measure the smallest area of your waist. This should be near the tummy at belly button level. Next, Measure around the widest part of the hips. Finally, measure from the belly button depending on the length you have chosen for your kilt skirt, for example to the knee, midcalf for tea-length, or foot for the hostess skirt.

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