Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Spyderco Knives for Your Collection

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Shopping

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If you enjoy collecting knives, you will likely want to include Spyderco Knives as part of your collection. Whether you are just beginning a collection or have a number of other knives already, adding a Spyderco will increase the quality. These three tips should help you pick out the right Spyderco knife for you.

Decide on a Budget

While Spyderco Knives are not expensive products, some types will cost more than others. If your budget is small, consider Delica or Endura for your first Spyderco. These knives will provide the best value for a smaller price and will include excellent blades, quality steel and handles that have been reinforced. If your budget is larger, you could consider a para-military or military-style Spyderco, which features better handles and are often lighter.

How Much Cutting Strength Do You Need?

Not all knives need to be super powerful, and Spyderco has a range of knives with different cutting strength. If you want your knife to be able to cut difficult materials, you may wish to choose the Military, Para-Military, Manix or Mini-Manix models. Not only do these have a greater cutter strength, but their handles will support your fingers better while cutting harder substances.

Do You Need a Delicate Knife?

Not all cutting jobs require significant strength. For other jobs, such as a skinning game or cutting fish, you will need a more delicate knife. Small skinners from Spdyerco come with a blade that measures three inches, while still being tough enough to handle sinewy animal hides.

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