The Benefits of Platinum Ring Mountings

Do you want an engagement ring that leaves your significant other breathless? Have you thought about how you can dazzle your significant other with a stunning center stone? Platinum ring mountings magnify the natural beauty of diamonds. Platinum is a rare and extremely valuable metal. Professional jewelers have found more customers requesting platinum ring mountings.


Platinum is approximately 20% denser than white gold. It is also approximately 60% denser than yellow gold. The density of platinum makes the natural element much more durable than white and yellow gold. Does your significant other like to bike, hike, or remain active? Platinum ring mountings provide more durability to withstand high activity. Like gold, it can be scratched from daily wear and tear. It will require maintenance but is a low-maintenance element. The metal will need to be polished and refinished.


For those that are allergic to various metals, platinum is the best choice for a ring mount. Platinum is hypoallergenic. Your significant other will not swell, itch, or undergo any side effects. They can wear the ring with comfort, and know their sensitive skin will be safe.


Platinum is an expensive precious metal. It is a sign of luxury and wealth. When a diamond is supported and wrapped by platinum it is considered a status symbol. The precious metal is expensive because it is so rare. It will last for generations. Your significant other can pass the ring to your future children, and your children’s children. Platinum will not degrade over time and will remain intact. For more information, please visit Laura Powers Jewelry.