The Benefits Of Free Jewelry Cleaning

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Jewelry

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If you own fine jewelry, you want to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. By having your fine jewelery regularly cleaned by a professional, it will always sparkle and shine. Many stores offer a free jewelry cleaning in Albuquerque NM, so there’s no reason why your jewelery shouldn’t look lovely all of the time. Below you’ll discover the benefits of keeping your jewelry cleaned and special care tips.

1. Dirt and grime can build up on your jewelry and cause it to appear cloudy. The ingredients in hand lotions and perfumes can cause damage to the stones and metals. Even the oils from your skin will rub off on your jewelry. You shouldn’t wear your fine jewelry while bathing because soap will leave a residue on your jewelry, much like soap scum build up in your bathtub. Although it may not be as noticeable to you, it’s still there and you’ll really be able to see the difference in the appearance of the stone after it’s cleaned. A regular cleaning every six months will remove any soil or smudges from your jewelry.

2. Chemical cleaners, salt water, chlorine from swimming pools and abrasive substances can damage the stones and metal of your fine jewelry. It’s best to take your jewelry off instead of exposing it to these damaging substances. If any of these substances have been in contact with your fine jewelry, take the pieces to your jewelry for a Free jewelry cleaning.

3. When cleaning your fine jewelry, the jewelry will inspect the piece for missing stones or prongs. If your ring has missing, loose or bent prongs, you could possibly lose your diamond or gemstone.

4. To keep your jewelry looking beautiful, store each piece separately in a cloth bag or wrapped in tissue paper in a small box. Do not keep your jewelry loose together in your jewelry box as this can cause scratches.

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