Surgical Bras vs. Traditional Bras: What’s the Difference?

by | Apr 13, 2019 | Shopping

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After any type of breast surgery such as a mastectomy, it is essential to wear surgical bras to aid the healing process. Most surgeons will advise on wearing post-surgery bras, which could be up to 12 weeks or longer, depending on the extent of the surgery and expected recovery period.

Post-op bras are designed for support, compression, and stability while promoting healthy blood circulation. The traditional bra or sports bra is aimed at breasted women who are active so although there is a level of support, its not designed to help in the way surgical bras are.

The Science in Surgical Bras

While traditional and sports bras are designed for support, specific clothing such as mastectomy bathing suits and post-op bras offer additional care for chest areas affected during surgery. A post surgical bra is made with soft quality materials that not only avoid irritating sensitive skin but also helps apply consistent pressure to the upper body to help with recovery.

Traditional Bras Are Not Effective Post-Surgery

Bras specially designed for post-surgery provide support and compression with the aim to promote heal. Traditional bras are made for breast support and are not effective when it comes to promoting a healthy blood flow and preventing swelling, which is crucial after surgery. Using a normal bra could be doing unseen damage.

Risks of Wearing Normal Bras

The usual bras worn pre-operation are not made to take on a different use after breast surgery, particularly when referring to the traditional padded bra. It’s been found that normal bra padding for an enhanced cleavage may well limit the passage of swollen tissues. Bare lace bras offer no support and will aggravate the skin and scarring and causes discomfort with unnecessary pressure.

Surgical Bra Benefits

The bra’s chest band is wider than traditional bras as it needs to give better support and increase comfort. The zips, clasps, or Velcro connections in surgical bras do not touch the skin directly, and the materials are latex-free. Most importantly, it’s the built-in pockets that securely accommodate breast shape forms and breast prosthetics. These features and more contribute to the post-op recovery process.

Comparing Durability

A post surgical bra is made to last because its intended to be worn permanently after surgery. Medical bras cannot be easily damaged or lose their features due to everyday use, unlike traditional bras that fray, the links deteriorate, and straps lose flexibility over time when worn daily. With the correct washing and care, post-op bras can be worn 24/7 while retaining their features.

Finding A Surgical Bra

There are many brands devoted to high-quality post-surgery under garments, which offers an extensive choice online and at specialized main street stores. Learning about the varied features will be a guide in choosing the right fit and show how significantly different surgical bras are to the traditional ones.

Brands for Post-Op Bras

Specific Amoena bras are suited for immediate use after any chest surgery or radiation treatment. Seamless soft cotton surgical bras with Velcro fasteners aid easy undressing during treatment, and some styles cater for seed radiation. These specialized post-op garments offer comfort and provide practical features.

Other post-breast surgery experts are Jodee bras. They have an affordable and varied selection for women recovering from breast surgery. They also come with built-in pockets designed for Jodee breast forms and their original designs for post-op care makes them a reliable purchase.

Let It Not Be A Choice

When it comes to wearing the right clothing and underwear after surgery, the best advice is: “wear the right clothing.” It shouldn’t be up for debate whether to invest in a post surgical bra – it should be a given. Using old or normal bras may hurt the skin, underlying tissue, and cause pain that will delay recovery.