Size Counts for a Twin Bed iin Appleton, WI

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Shopping

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Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to everyone, young and old alike. And while some people equate larger beds to better sleep, that’s not always the case. Good sleep can be had for single sleepers in twin bed. It’s the mattress that matters, not the size. Because of its convenient size, twins are often a popular choice for children, teens and college dorms. In fact, a number of people never experience a full, queen or king size bed until they have a partner to share it with. For those looking for a Twin Bed in Appleton WI, consider the following points to help you choose the correct bed.


Believe it or not, a twin bed is not just one size. There are a number of different twins buyers can purchase. Consider the typical twin bed is 39″x74″. This easily fits in all bedrooms, especially those as small as 7×15. However, there is also an XL twin bed that is often used in dorm rooms. This version is about six inches longer than the twin bed. Often times, a toddler or crib mattress is also referred to as a twin bed, but is much shorter, with dimensions of 27″x52″.


For a person sleeping alone, a double could be considered quite luxurious, but for a couple sleeping together, it’s actually smaller than a single or twin bed. A double bed typically measures 54″x74″, only 15″ wider than a single. Keep in mind the width of sleeping space per person would only be 27″, far smaller than that offered by the twin. So, make your decision based on one person vs two.


The traditional bunk bed also houses a single mattress, although double bunks are coming into fashion these days. Buyers can get a double on the bottom with a single on top or two double bunks. The latter is quite popular in condos, cabins and rental spots where head count is important.

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