Simple wedding dress alterations you can get for the perfect fit

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Shopping

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Finding a perfect wedding dress can be a pricey, daunting task. Additionally, every bride is unique and has different needs, so what might work for you won’t work for someone else. When shopping for your wedding dress, you might find the perfect one, but it might need a few alterations. To get that perfect bridal look and fit your body as well as your style, here are a few wedding gown tailoring alterations you can make.

  • Reduce the hem – Most wedding dress manufacturers make the dress hem extra-long so it can fit taller customers. If you want to get a better fit, this is a simple alteration you can get done.
  • Take in the waist and hips – every bride has a different body shape, and it’s hard to manufacture dresses that will fit everyone perfectly off the rack. Taking in the hips and waist can help you get a snugger fit and achieve the perfect silhouette. So, when shopping for your dress, make sure you talk to the salesperson about how much you can alter the dress size. 
  • Take in the bust – a lot of store-bought dresses are pretty generous in the chest area. To get the perfect silhouette and prevent the neckline from looking like a gutter, get your dress taken in around the chest. While this alteration is a bit trickier than most, it is still very doable. Alternatively, you can also shorten the straps to get a better fit around your bust. 
  • Alter the neckline and back – these alterations can transform the style of the dress you pick. You can opt to have an open or closed neckline or add lace detailing to the back. Make sure to have some inspiration pictures to show your tailor, so they know what you want.

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