Raw Dog Food Has Quite a Few Benefits That Owners Are Catching on To

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Pet Service

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Outside of humans, all organisms eat raw food. Despite this fact, most people would go without eating before choosing to consume raw meat or other foods that are traditionally cooked beforehand. Cats, dogs, and other common household pets are the few species on planet Earth to be privileged enough to eat prepared food. Even though most dogs wouldn’t know any better or simply don’t care, owners largely choose to feed their canines cooked food. Some people however, feed their furry friends raw food, claiming doing so offers several benefits.

Raw Diets Yield Less Excrement

dogs that are given raw diets routinely pump out less excrement than those that are fed traditionally. Put simply, this is because raw-fed dogs can digest raw food more readily than cooked or otherwise prepared food. Since canines have eaten raw food from the moment they came into existence, their digestive systems are more efficient. Owners who live in crowded city areas often choose to buy raw dog food for this reason alone.

Fewer Allergic Reactions

Medical practitioners, veterinarians, and anthropologists believe that people suffer from more allergies today than ever before. This is because we consume and are otherwise exposed to substances that our ancestors weren’t around. Since dogs have been consuming raw food forever, they also usually experience fewer allergic reactions when switched to all-raw diets.

Raw Food Mentally Stimulates Canines

Ever noticed how dogs enjoy chewing on toys? Outside of play, dogs do this because it simulates chewing through chewy cuts or chunks of raw meat. Just like chewing on toys, chewing through raw food mentally stimulates canines because itbenefit from the food actively cleaning their dogs’ teeth’s something their brains have been programmed to do. Those who buy raw dog food also benefit from the food actively cleaning their dogs’ teeth.

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