How Many Types of Womens Tennis Shoes in El Cajon, CA, Do You really Need?

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Shopping

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The term tennis shoes cover a wide range of types and styles. In fact, check the 10 Dollar Shoe Store and More and it quickly becomes apparent that there are multiple shoes to choose from if a shopper is looking for Womens Tennis Shoes in El Cajon CA. Row upon row of shoes is stacked up for customers to browse through. However, to make the tasks of purchasing new shoes a little easier, here are three main categories to choose from.

Activity Specific

Runners will opt for a running shoe. Walkers tend to seek shoes that are ideal for walking. When it comes to Womens Tennis Shoes in El Cajon CA, many are activity specific. This means the shoe is actually built and designed to be ideal for one or two activities. These types of shoes are perfect for someone that wants to get the most out of her workout. Why wear just any tennis shoes when there is a pair out there that can potentially maximize your performance and results?


Sometimes, tennis shoes don’t really serve a specific purpose. Instead, the goal is to be comfortable and stylish. These tennis shoes may not be best for an afternoon run or even a really long walk during the day. However, they look great with lots of outfits while still offering a woman a casual style. These shoes come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, ensuring that there is something out there for everyone. Because of the versatility of this group of shoes, it isn’t unusual to see these tennis shoes worn with shorts and pants or even skirts and dresses.


Some shoes tend to blur the line between being considered tennis shoes or a different type of casual shoe. On the surface, they may look like Mary Janes, traditional flats, or even sandals. But, in reality, they are built like tennis shoes, offering additional support for the feet and adding an extra layer of comfort. These types of shoes are continuing to increase in popularity as women try to find the perfect shoes for just about any occasion or activity.