How to Increase Your Handgun Capacity With a Magazine Extension

If you work in a service job that requires a handgun, then you must always be ready. Military personnel and law enforcement are issued handguns. Handguns are less powerful than rifles. If you want to have more rounds on board, then you may want to get an M&P shield mag extension.

How Does a Pistol Magazine Work?

The design of a semi-auto pistol magazine is simple. The body is made from metal, plastic, or a combination of both. It also includes a spring, a follower, and a baseplate. The spring compresses when the bullets are loaded. As a round is fired and ejected from the pistol, the spring pushes up the next bullet in line.

The baseplate is at the bottom and holds everything together. The spring pushes against the baseplate, which allows everything to function.

Replace the Baseplate

Law enforcement can be a dangerous job. You should always expect the unexpected and take the proper safety measures. If you want to increase your capacity, then you will have to replace your baseplate.

A M&P Shield Mag Extension can give your handgun a deeper design. It gives your gun more capacity while increasing the length of the magazine body.

Choose Durability

You want to choose a magazine extension that is durable. The worse scenario is a magazine extension that keeps coming off the baseplate. It will cause your bullets to fly out of your gun. It is wise to go with a company that sells high-quality gun accessories.

The weight is something else to consider when adding capacity. The extra weight from the mag extension allows empty mags to drop easier. This allows for faster reloads.

Law enforcement officers use their guns for self-defense. It is important to have a gun that is functional and ready to go.

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