Your Gold Is More Useful Than You Think

Have you ever had an emergency happen at the most inconvenient time? Did you struggle to figure out where you would get the money to help you through the struggle? Well, you don’t have to even think about where you’ll get the money next time. You can have it in less than an hour by visiting one of the jewelry buyers Chicago residents use. These jewelry buyers are particularly interested in buying your gold items such as:


You don’t have to have a Rolex or an Invicta to get money for your watch. A specialist will weigh it and then give you a price based on that.

Do you have any ancestral braces in a jewelry box anywhere in your room or home? You can bring those in and get fair pricing for them from the gold buyer.


Your earrings may be worth more than you think. Take them to a buyer and have someone assess them so that you’ll know if you aren’t holding some gold mines in your hands.


If you have a rare coin collection, you can sell it to a gold buyer. You will get an amazing price for it that will vary depending on the rarity.


You may be able to get some immediate cash for some rings if you have them. Class rings, wedding rings, engagement pieces and even friendship rings can work for you if you take them in.

Chicago Gold Buyers will take any type of gold you have despite the karat or the type. They’ll find a use for it if it’s genuine gold. You can visit the store to find out some information about pricing, or you can dial 773-338-7787. Let the jewelry buyers in Chicago assist you the next time you need to turn your gold into cash for an emergency. Visit us at more Information. Follow us on Google+ page.