CO2 Airsoft Pistol for Straight and Powerful Shooting

CO2 or carbon dioxide has long been to power guns, as early as in the 1870s. These days, gun enthusiasts can get a kick out of owning these airsoft guns. Here’s what you need to know about them:

How fast can you shoot?

CO2 velocity depends on a number of factors. With plenty of practice, though, you’ll be able to tell how fast your gun can go, just by looking at factors like distance, wind, location, among other things.

Do you need to remove your powerlet after using the gun?

Some CO2 Airsoft pistols require these but not all models. You’ll need to check with your manual to make sure which one you have. You can also ask the shop to clarify this detail before you put in an order for a particular gun, Airsoft GI says.

Are those seals important?

Those seals serve to seal in the gas. Models typically use O-rings of some kind. If you see any signs of damage around the seal, that could mean a leak. Have it checked out as soon as possible.

Do temperature conditions affect your gun?

Yes. Warm weather means your CO2 guns will shoot that much faster. Want to shoot during a cold day, though? No worries. You can go for some indoor play or shooting. That should make it possible for you and your pals to test out your CO2 guns during the cold winter season.

Why does shooting speed drop?

If you aren’t letting your gun warm up between shots, then you’ll likely end up with shooting with a lower velocity. To maintain the same speed and velocity level, let the gun warm up before you start firing another round.

These are just a few things to know about CO2 guns. So give it a try. It might just be the gun to turn your gameplay experience around.