Why You Should Bring a Workout Towel to the Gym

Tens of millions of individuals in the United States alone have a membership at a health club or fitness center. With so many people coming in and out of gyms, it’s more important than ever to ensure the cleanliness of the area. Those who are new to the gym may not realize it’s appropriate to bring their workout towels, however there are many reasons to do your part and bring a towel with you for each visit.

Stop the Spread of Germs

When you sweat at the gym, germs can be removed from your skin and land on the equipment. With a towel, you can wipe the sweat off and avoid this problem. This makes it less likely to transfer germs. The machines may have germs on them to begin with if someone has used them without a towel, which can lead to acne or other skin issues. That’s a pretty good reason to always have a towel with you.

Keep Your Body Cool

Working out has benefits of its own, but you don’t want to be dripping in sweat the entire time. If you listen to experts, you should not wipe sweat away until you are drenched, because it helps regulate your body temperature, however when you do the workout towels are there to help. You will not spread germs or pick them up from anyone else.

Continue Feeling Clean

While sweating is completely normal it’s important, in a sanitary sense, to have a towel to wipe it away. When you use a clean towel every time you visit the gym, you can use it to keep your forehead, eyes, and face dry and clean. If you do not dry away the sweat you can up with sweat buildup in your pores, which is never a nice feeling.

Hygiene Past the Fitness Center

In order to be sure you are hygienic every time you go in for a workout, you must take the time to clean your towels. If you carry a towel with sweat, it can attract bacteria, so cleanliness is necessary. Just pop it in with your next load of laundry so it’s ready for you and you’ll be ready to go.

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