An Overview on Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Vapor electronic cigarettes are the latest entrant in the smoking arena, and are considered an alternative to tobacco smoking. It is becoming immensely popular as it does not give out dangerous tobacco smoke.

What is a Vapor Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that replicate the process of smoking, but without using tobacco or producing tobacco smoke. In vapor electronic cigarettes, doses of vaporized nicotine with flavorings and other chemicals are inhaled as vapors by the user. Electronic cigarettes are long tubes that can be reused with cartridges that can be refilled. Features and costs of electronic cigarettes differ from brand to brand. The process of using an electronic cigarette is referred to as vaping as it creates a liquid vapor rather than smoke.

Components of Electronic Cigarettes

The three main components of vapor electronic cigarettes are:

  1. Mouthpiece or cartridge: It holds a liquid solution and is fixed to the end of a tube. The solution contains varying amounts of nicotine and other chemicals. Cartridges can be refilled or replaced when necessary. Instead of cartridges, drip tips can also be used.

  2. Atomizer: The atomizer is the heating device that heats the solution and causes it to vaporize. These vapors are inhaled by the user. Atomizers are replaced from time to time.

  3. Battery: The power source is usually a lithium-ion rechargeable battery used to power the atomizer. Its life depends on the frequency of use of the vapor electronic cigarettes, size and type of cigarette.

Constituents of E-Cigarette Cartridge

Cartridges used in an e-cigarette contain varying concentrations of nicotine liquid solution with added flavor. This solution is dissolved in food additives like propylene glycol and glycerin. The ranges of cartridge flavors available are coffee, candy, menthol, tobacco and fruit flavors. Cartridges are available with and without nicotine.

Benefits of Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Over Traditional Cigarettes

They do not produce tobacco smoke as electronic cigarettes do not burn. The amount of dangerous chemicals present in them is very small compared to that of traditional smoking; although is no regulation for the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. E cigarettes are considered by some to be an effective way to help people quit smoking. Thus e cigarettes seem to be a safer and less poisonous option when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Vapor electronic cigarettes can be found almost anywhere tobacco products are sold, and other places as well. Brick and mortar stores and online stores offer vapor electronic cigarette gear, flavor cartridges, accessories, atomizers, tanks, vape devices, batteries, chargers and nicotine solutions.