A Detailed Guide To Buying Weightlifting Shoes For Men Online

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Shopping

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Whether you are starting your weightlifting journey or want to get better at it, one of the main success drivers is the shoes you choose. Weightlifting shoes for men are made to maximize your stability, support, and range of motion, increasing your lifting power.

This makes bodybuilding lifting shoes different from other training or running shoes, with different characteristics and features.

Understand The Anatomy

  • Raised heel – This increases your range of motion, allowing you a better sitting position and more power.
  • Non-compressible sole – Bodybuilding lifting shoes usually have a flat, stiff sole, offering a stable platform.
  • Support – Many weightlifting shoes have one or two ankle straps in addition to laces. That secures your foot and keeps it in place without movement, improving stability and lateral support.
  • Ventilation – This helps make the shoe more comfortable and eliminates excess sweating.

Heel Height

Many weightlifting shoes usually have a heel raised between .6 inches to 1.25 inches. However, the most common height is .75 inches, usually wood or plastic. A heel lower than .75 inches is good if you have a short torso and legs, high ankle mobility and flexibility, and low-bar squats or wide stances.

The standard .75 inches is good if you have a longer torso than your legs and decent ankle mobility and flexibility. A heel higher than .75 inches is good if you have a long torso and legs or longer legs than your torso. They are also suitable for low ankle mobility, flexibility, high-bar squats, or narrow stances.


When choosing weightlifting shoes, shop in the evening and fit them with socks for a better fit. Below are ways to tell if a shoe is a perfect fit.

  • Snug-fitting heel without lift
  • Less than 1/8″ space between the longest toe and the shoe’s end
  • No discomfort, pain, or blood restriction
  • No sliding around of the foot
  • No pressure points from the shoe’s closure system

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