Learn About the Different King Mattresses Available on the Market

A king mattress is an excellent option for many households, and as you start looking for a king mattress in Lafayette, you will find that there are three different types. Each of them are large enough for couples to sleep in comfort, and will allow you to move around with ease. Here are the three types you will encounter:

California King Bed

A California king, or western king, is the largest type of king mattress available at retail stores without a special order. This is a perfect mattress for those who are very tall or wide, or for those who like to have a lot of room to stretch out, yet still sleep in the same bed with their partner.

Standard King Bed

A standard king is the type that most people are familiar with when they think of a king bed. It is also known as an eastern king, and is the most common type of king mattress. Almost all of the king mattresses on the market are standard kings. It is also important to understand that most of the king bed accessories, such as sheets and comforters, are standard king sizes. For other types of king beds, such as a California king, you will have to look for a specific label that says that it differs from the standard king.

Split King Bed

Finally, the split king bed is an option too. This bed it known for being versatile, and it is ideal for a guest or master bedroom. This bed can come apart and make two beds, which is useful for those who want to have a single, but it can be pushed together to make a full king.

So, you have three different options when looking for a king bed. Stop into a mattress store to learn more about these options.

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